Monday, November 30, 2015

My Pile Runneth Over

I've had this pile of games from my archives waiting for installation for a bit.

Unfortunately, I was getting really low on hard drive space and had to painfully uninstall a bunch of things today instead.

Steam games were an easy choice, because you just tuck those away elsewhere till later.

I regretfully removed Neverwinter, since I hadn't logged in in a very long while.

No way these were coming off:  Wow, Lotro, Wildstar, Secret World, Rift, EQ2, Guild Wars 2, Fallout 4, Arcanum, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Pillars of Eternity...and stuff.

Lots of space now :)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dedicated To The One I Love

To my spouse, who was concerned I'd forget and not get in this second-to-the-last-post, thanks for being there.

He's always there to gather resources, share his loot and coinage, back me up in a fight, work on building a guild, and sail through dozens of dungeons, though MMOs aren't really his thing.   He's played Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft.   He tried but didn't like Rift.  His characters are somewhat larger than life, just as he is.

All my love, in all your incarnations.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gnome Hunters, What A Fine Idea

I was so surprised to see that Gnome Hunters are coming to World of Warcraft.  Crafty Gnomes!  Clever Gnomes!  They can do anything, certainly wield a bow.   I'm not so certain I like the mechanical pets, though it does make sense.  It sort of takes the pleasure out of finding your own pet of choice in the wild and taming it.

Finding an open character slot is a problem.  It will just have to be on a server far far away than my usual ones.

I wanted to put a picture of one of my adorable Hobbit Hunters here, to show how cute mini-bow wielders are, but I haven't logged into LOTRO for a bit and of course it's update hell.

Two more posts and I do believe I'll have met my goal of a post a day in November.  So close.

Friday, November 27, 2015

What Is It I don't Like About Draenor's Nagrand?

I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason I really dislike Nagrand, the Dreanor version.  Is it that stampede of baddies that sweep down the road as soon as you enter the area?

It is the aggressive animals packed like sardines over practically every inch of the place?

Do I hate the quests?  I can't think of a single memorable quest line here.

Some areas of the world are just annoying, and after sending characters through, I can't seem to make myself do it again.  Desolace.  The Hinterlands.    Painful Vashj'ir.  Thousand Needles...ack that one is worst.

My Warlock is at the start of the area. I'll see if I can figure it out as I go through.  It must be a combination of things.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Not The Turkey You're Looking For

No game turkeys this year, though I did pick out a game called MegaRace from our shelves as a first pick.  Some spectacular futuristic tracks, with a game show host from Hades that just ruined it all.

I hope your day was as relaxing as mine (after the meal was done).  Keep those turkeys in mind for next year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Have a Happy And Safe Thanksgiving

Perhaps tomorrow I'll have some gaming turkeys for you, but for today, travel safe, eat well, enjoy those you love.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fallout 4 Jaunting Over The Other Way

I decided to strike out in an all new direction tonight, leaving Olivia Station for another adventuring day.

Which includes another supposedly deserted encampment.  I was really careful this time, circling, circling in stealth.  No pop up baddies.

For the first time in my mini-travels, I came across someone who wasn't a Raider.  If I were Ms. Half-Cocked, I would have taken down the woman and her little two headed cow, too.

I talked to her instead, and she recommended I head across the river to a town called Diamond City.  She looked just like one of the creepy guards in the Vault. 

I didn't find Diamond City, but a city called Lexington.

Is this a man in the window or another mannequin?  At least he's clothed.  It was dark out.

I thought I'd work my way around the building to check for an entrance to check him out.   Suddenly, a couple of Feral Ghouls detached themselves from the roof, and then there were a bunch of Feral Ghouls.  Ghoulishly delightful.

Dog and I were no match for them.

In order to have a shot at them next round, I found out how to use my grenades and other tossables......Hold Left Alt key...

I am also bugged by my failure at the cave...errr, I mean, failure to kill the Deathclaw in Concord.

So I found this video which shows three different ways to get him.  I'm going to go with no. 1 which looks most simple.   I had already been thinking that maybe I should try getting on top of a car or building to stay out of his range.

I retreated home and was somewhat horrified to find Trashcan Carla and her cow in front of my house!  Eeek! I have not made it a settlement in any way.  Eeeek, how did she get in?  I bought the last ingredient I needed to craft a couple of stims and she appeared to wander down the street. How odd.

Fallout 4 A Jaunt Through The Countryside

So after yet another try at the Deathclaw...

I thought, I don't have to kill this guy before I move on. It isn't a quest sequence, so off I went cross country seeing the sights.   Almost immediately, I got a notice "You Cannot Go That Way".  What kind of open world is that?

There's stuff out there, alright.  Molerats, campfires that look deserted but there are three guys, another nice camp that turned out to have a dog and a Raider nearby.  Oops.

This place looked like trouble but it just had some nice goodies.  The Raider camps made me jumpy, I guess.

Since there was a fire in a barrel, I suspected even more Raiders at Olivia Station.  The upper part was all nice and quiet.  Why are there mannequins all over the Wasteland, why?

In another building, the way led downwards.  For the first time I had an overloaded inventory and had to drop stuff.

I should have scooted home and unloaded.  Come back all fresh. Because the lower levels were rolling in Raiders.  Tomorrow.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Walking Dead (iOS)

Glenn is alive!!!!!  Nothing to do with the game, but joy & happy feet!

So, I've never gotten past the opening salvo here. You're supposed to grab a rifle and pop the zombie before he gets you.  Tried it again tonight and didn't even manage to spot the rifle, much less grab it.

As much as I love the show, I'm just not able to work my way through the apocalypse on my own.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Timewalking the Cataclysm

I generally like the Cataclysm dungeons.  Like any good dungeon, they can go smoothly or horribly wrong.

Throne of Tides

Not a favorite.  Still, most days an easy run.  So easy that the group discussed the glory of junk/flames/water/ooze/ s*$t that you now have to stand in/run from/avoid every two seconds as a fine game mechanic that helps separate the good players from the bad, who might be sitting at home just mashin' those buttons and eatin' pork rinds.

Somehow things went south and everyone died, and not from junk.

Then things went horribly wrong as our dogs got into a terrible fight and I had to bow out.  Nobody was hurt, thanks.  Someone is in the dog house though.

Vortex Pinnacle

I used to think you were supposed to jump from cloud to cloud in this one yourself, not realizing youre just launched along.  Tsk.

Now its all good.  Except Assad killed me three times.  Zigged when I should have zagged.

Grim Batol

It seems like this one is generally pretty simple, but the last boss can drive people out.  With several group changes, this guy wiped the dungeon floor with us till we had to call it quits.  A zillionth of a box from level 99. Must heal up and get more potions.

Friday, November 20, 2015

IntPiPoMo Screenshot Count

I believe the goal is 50 for IntPoMo and I count 72 screenshots so I think I'm good.  It is fun to write posts around screenshots, and I've seen some others doing fun thematic posts, which I may try after I take more shots with particular themes in mind.

Now my goal is to make it to the end of the month with a post a day.  Though this is pictureless and thus dry and boring it counts towards that goal, well enough.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

IntPiPoMo # 19 Fallout 4

It is good to be able to talk with someone about a game you're currently playing, though sometimes they have different play styles and skill sets.

They might tell you to make a jump that looks impossible, and turns out to be impossible for you.

Save early and often!   Luckily there was a third option.

I'm supposed to clear the town of Raiders.  Luckily I got quite a few of them coming in.

Somehow while I was jumping, a new threat showed up.  I thought the Deathclaws in my Fallout Shelter were nasty.  This guy just killed me, though I thought I was getting good shots on him.  I even tried my faithful tire iron in desperation.  Nope.

I just backed away from the fight after dying and went into a nearby Speakeasy.  What a bizzaro place.  Should have gotten a picture of the three guys standing around the tub with machetes and a plunger.  Skull in the toilet.  That's normal.

I've been gathering loot like mad but hadn't started any crafting.   I need some Stims and Radaways so I went home, dropped all the junk in my inventory and started to scrap stuff.  How amazing are all of the components broken down from common objects.  Like treasures within treasures once you get going.

Next thing I knew, I was going around the craft house scrapping broken objects, fallen over furniture, tires, crummy looking barrels outside, and broken toilet in front of the house.  Tsk.  Poof.

Then I went to my post apocalypse house across the street and tidied it up.  A bit addictive, and I can see why after a Deathclaw fight you'd like a place to come back to that is all non-chaotic.

My son told me the Deathclaw would follow me home, but I saved before he saw me and in this save he doesn't know I'm around, right?  Still, I'm listening for a growl and watching Dog to see if it somehow decides to come over.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

IntPiPMo #18 Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame

No Fallout for you tonight.  Instead another peek in the deep iOS vault.

Prince of Persia is a classic platformer featuring jumping, running and jumping, and long jumps.

Though this game has beautiful graphics and it looks as if you could step further into its cityscape, you can only go forward, backward, up and down.  Movement on the left of the screen, action is controlled on the right.

Luckily there are enemies to break up the jumping.  Just a swipe attacks and you have a shield to defend. 

I'm pretty sure the other Prince of Persia game I've played was The Sands of Time, which was so very different, and this is more classic play.

IntPiPoMo #17 In Which I Am Not A Weenie

I was in top form tonight, and I'd have more screenshots of the action if I hadn't panicked sort of, and kept hitting Print Screen instead of F12.

Visited Swampie

Went Into the Cave

Despite how this looks, I took on like ten Raiders in Concord, only dying once.  Used up all my stimpaks though.  I ran up on them like a fool, with a pistol and rifle because I couldn't get the grenades to work.

Need more Stimpaks, ammo.  Find a way to the roof and basement, check.

Monday, November 16, 2015

IntPiPoMo #16 Fallout 4: Moving Parts Can Pack A Pinch Keep Your Finger Out!

I'm never going to get anywhere in this game looking at every inch of the world for loot and admiring the posters, rusted out cars, and odd vending machines.

Luckily I met up with Dog tonight.  Such a sweet puppy.  Almost immediately there was a Mole Rat Invasion, which we took care of with ease.  Good dog.

I now love mole rats!  In addition to tasty meat, they carry bottle caps and other goodies.  Talk to me, rat buddies.

My lockpicking skills are the best they've ever been.  It must be the awesome way I spread out my Special stats.  I also save before I try and reload if I fail.  Even so, I am known for going through every lockpick and bobby pin I own to try to open a simple lock.  Not today.

A short but successful session.  I did fail at two things, allowing my Weenie Ways to overtake me:

There was a light out in the swamps behind the house. On an island nearby I could see something hopping around.  Did I cruise on out there and check it out? No. Later, I said, after I check out Concord, I said.

There's a cave under the gas station according to a handy and somehow working terminal.  I found the entrance but did not go in, though I love love LOVE caves, so I say.  Weenie.  I will overcome it and the swamp monsters tomorrow.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

IntPiPoMo #15 Deus Ex The Fall (iOS)

In keeping with my attempt to post once a day for IntPiPoMo I'm presenting this end of day peek at Deus Ex: The Fall.

Graphics are surprisingly sharp, the trade off seems to be everything is drenched in yellow.  Controls are better than most, with situational "buttons"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

IntPiPoMo #14 Game Notes

 Fallout 4

I'm having connectivity issues this week for some reason, but Fallout 4/Steam let me play in offline mode this time.

Tragically, the motion or something in Fallout 4 makes me queasy, so my play sessions will be short.  I just managed to look around the old neighborhood.  Louie the Looter, call me, I'm combing everyone's house for everything I can pick up.  Now I don't mind picking up anything I see that might be fun or useful, but grabbing old tv trays and lamps is going against the grain of my single person rpg training----watch the weight of what you're carrying.

I found a craft bench in a neighbors house, and looked at the craft interface, but it didn't look as if there was currently anything I could make.  It is fun to see that I'll be able to make furniture and decorations.

My character turned out ok,  (though note her hair is supposed to be "platinum blonde"......more like stuck it in a dirty bucket blonde) and she has this husky voice like she's a smoker.    There's something about her, though, she looks like she could have been a Mean Girl so very easily.  As always I choose the kindest dialogue options.  Somebody has to bring the Nice to the Apocalypse.

World of Warcraft

Now that I have my riding scorpion, earned by my so gallant rogue, I need to pick another mount to work towards.  The scorpion is such a smooth ride, you wouldn't believe it.  It feels like it goes really fast too, just so unexpectedly pleasant to ride it through the world.  I think I can tolerate doing daily quests for reputation on just one character at a time.  Can't decide quite what to go for.

In the meantime, working Talador with my Warlock who could be sent to Nagrand easily since she's level 98 1/2      I find it annoying that she got so much of her xp doing Garrison stuff, so she has the level, but she isn't nicely geared, hasn't done all the dungeons and doesn't have all of the followers she ought to have either.   Should I just toss her to the top and polish later?   I was hoping for Legion in March, but now that (yawn) it won't come out till next summer at best, no hurry.

Warlock, Figure A "platinum blonde hair".