Friday, September 14, 2018

Elder Scrolls Online Adventuring

I really want furniture for my house, so aside from playing my Warden each evening, I've been looking at my other characters to see who I'd like to be a total crafter..

I meant for a Dark Elf Dragonknight to be my all around crafter.  However, while playing her this week, and looking into a DPS Stamina build, I switched her to Dual Wielding and she's really fun to play.  She has only died once when I got turned around in a town and six guys were all around.

Other than that, I need to put many more points in Stamina as she levels up, because it drops pretty fast.  Still, she wins the day.

I'm liking the story line for the area she's in as well.

My poor Warden, while looking for a fern, of all things, got a bounty for trespassing in a Restricted Area right where she needed to look for the fern.  Grrr, those creepy bounties.    She spent the night in the middle of a swamp so nobody could attack her or steal her gold.  Luckily the bounty was gone today.  Now that I know exactly where the fern is, I should be able to get it without trespassing the next time I get the quest.   I think it's kind of cruel they set you up for that.  Step away from the gold, bozos.

And...ready for Murkmire with this adorable Argonian.

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