Friday, November 30, 2018

Not Quick Enough

I've taken tons of screenshots in ESO but just haven't had time to post, so I won't make the goal of 50 for IntPiPoMo.   Agh 14 mins till midnite, here's a few...

Didn't see that coming!

My Psijic Manor

One of the great plants you can set in your home

If you ever see a bit of food anywhere GRAB IT!

Whoo hoo, four pictures more for IntPiPoMo, and IBTL!


  1. I've learned to avoid the random food items because in a non-sub environment you don't have that extra bag to put all the crafty items in. On the bright side it does speed things up a bit because I'm not stopping for "ooo Shiny!"....

    1. Ah, but I subbed mid-October, and it takes much longer for my bags to runneth over :)


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