Thursday, December 6, 2018

December Gaming Goals

It's another month with not much time to play.
In November, I did make most of my game goals, getting my poor World of Warcraft characters out of Stormsong Valley.  They're mostly cooling their heels in Boralus, while the first character does the Winterdeep (?) Mine area in Tiragarde.  During Legion, any character who had a garrison went there to rest by the fire when it wasn't their turn, now they hang out in a tavern in Boralus waiting their turn.  I think mostly it is because it's no quick jump to get to Kul Tiras from Draenor as it was when I could just port to Dalaran from anywhere.   Why they didn't give a Boralus Hearthstone this time around (unless people complained it took bagspace) I don't know.  Cause they didn't want me snuggling down in Draenor, right?

Mostly I played Elder Scrolls Online, getting six of my eight characters to level 20 and above.  The other two are in the teens.   I'm loving the game and can't help but compare the vast riches you get in the Elder Scrolls World to the miserly bits allowed you in World of Warcraft.
In fact, when I logged into Wow the other day, I found myself listing all the things that I thought might make me not so eager to play it right now.

Emphasis on Mythic Dungeons kind of ruining the whole game, the crafting game specifically.

 Different crowd.  Don't sausage everyone into your endgame content.
Island Expeditions   I could be doing these now, but they were advertised as a cool exploration/adventure feature and they're just not.

The Warfronts    Would have to try them, have not. Put off by what seems an imbalance between Horde and Alliance opportunities, unless they fixed that.

Darkmoon    Part of the Ruination/Drought/Demise of the Crafting game the last three expansions.  Un less they fixed it while I wasn't paying attention.  Have not done it at all the last three months.  Incomprehensible for a Darkmoon fan like myself.

The next Update is all about the Battle for Azeroth grr grr we hate each other stuff.   Just not interested.  Love is the answer, not hate.  Bad dogs.  Unless there's a redemption arc in the making.  Then I'm all interested.

As far as ESO for this month.  Getting the last two to 20, moving the others up to 25 at the least.  My first character to move forward is a Nightblade Dual Wielder with Bow.  She's had trouble right away moving on to Grahtwood.  Haven...ouch ouch.  Three guys in clumps everywhere, and I can manage two with her.   I did some other quests, but she definitely needs gear and weapon upgrades and they just aren't dropping for her. 

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