Thursday, December 6, 2018

Not To Drive You Crazy But...

I'm having some issues with Blogger, the most recent of which is Comments disappear, the ones I make myself, and I noticed today another Blogger blog I follow cautioned people that their comments might poof.   Also, I can easily post to WordPress from my iPad, and cannot at all now to Blogger.   Bad, bad Blogger.

I still prefer Blogger for its blogroll and colorful sidebar, but...I have my original blog which is coming up on its 11th anniversary, and you know, it is just me personified, and I like it, and I don't want it to just go away someday because Google doesn't feel like supporting it anymore (and they haven't supported or fixed Blogger for quite awhile.)

Clever me, I recalled WordPress offers to let you import your Blogger Blog when you make a new one.  They also as it turns out let you import your current one to a WordPress Blog.

The point being, I tested importing this blog to my old WordPress Last Chapter Guild blog and voila!

So, I may just write on both blogs, or keep this up to date with a monthly WrapUp post or some post that has a YouTube clip.  I can keep my nice blogroll and the colorful sidebar that WordPress doesn't allow.

I haven't gotten my readership for this blog back since I changed a letter or two in the title.  For my now four regulars, perhaps you can add the Last Chapter Guild blog to your feed.

I should note there's lots of cleanup and updating to be done over on the other blog.


  1. I am honored to be one of your three or four regular readers.

  2. I'm still reading, though I seldom post. I have added the Last Chapter Guild to my list of blogs I check every morning while I enjoy breakfast.

    1. Thanks for hanging in there! Now the holidays are over, I should be getting some breakfast reading posts out again :)


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